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Groomer Biography

Our groomer Stephanie Bajona is a second generation show dog breeder & trainer of Afghan hounds. She was an animal control & dog licence assistant for Erin & Eramosa Townships, as well as the kennel assistant of Jagar Boarding Kennels & Afghan Hound breeders est 1969.

Stephanie established her first salon Powder Puff Grooming in Hillsburgh, ON in 1994. She obtained her IPG masters degree at Foxy Dog grooming salon in BC in 2000.

Stephanie had groomed at other establishments but quality was not there. They were all high volume salons done in assembly line routine. There was no time for detail, bonding, and careful measures. Now Stephanie is offering you the one on one creative bonding care you’re pet deserves.

Since Stephanie has established All 4 Paws in 2008 she added a few more credentials. She is now a certified Master Pet Stylist with the Canadian Professional Pet Stylist, current member of the Ontario Pet Groomers Association & National Groomers Association of Canada. She is also currently establishing a new local groomers group Guelph & District Groomers Alliance.

Benefits of Mobile Grooming:

  • Convenientall 4 paws grooming
  • Flexible
  • Saves time
  • No travelling
Mobile grooming is a one-on-one appointment for your pet in the privacy of the specially equipped vehicle I bring to your door. There is no hustle and bustle of a busy shop, no barking dogs and no kennels. Your pet is not left to nap alone for hours in a small kennel.
Typically, mobile grooming takes about an hour, depending on the “dryer time” for each pet. If your pet takes longer than usual, it is because I am taking extra special care and effort to make him beautiful.
The best part of mobile grooming is that your pet can go back to his home to finish his daily nap as soon as the grooming is completed because I’m right at his door. We even get to go on a mini walk before the grooming begins.
As a mobile groomer, I set a slow and gentle pace for my clients, many of whom have had problems with “shop” situations. Sometimes it takes a different environment to make a grooming experience enjoyable for your pet.

Added Mobile Grooming Pleasures

all 4 pawsAll 4 Paws Mobile Service is ideal for pets and people too, such as the elderly, disabled, busy business workers, non-drivers, and those who just cannot get out of their homes.
Once we are acquainted with you and your pet, we can offer the added service of coming to your home while you are away running errands or at work. That way your pet never needs to skip a beat in his healthy grooming routine and you have the peace of mind of not having to rush to get your pet groomed. He will be done when you get home!

 Servicing within the city limits of Guelph

We cater to small dogs under 18 kilos and under 20" at the shoulder