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A Day at the Pet Spa in Guelph

All 4 Paws Mobile Spa, Ontario, Guelph

Your pet’s day at the spa includes our multi-step process

Special Needs Pets

Some pets may have separation anxiety, aggression, auto-immune disorders, age-related issues, or have been traumatized by life experiences.

All 4 Paws Mobile Grooming is the best fit for special needs pets because we provide special one-on-one care. Pets are calmer, happier, and less stressed!

Special Needs Pets - Safety First

We use the latest safety harness equipment while grooming to prevent injuries. It helps prevent fatigue in elderly and injured dogs and calms the more stressed ones.

About Bathing

Pets are bathed with the Hydro-Surge® Bathing System. Hydro-Surge® provides your pet with an invigorating massage and a thorough cleaning process. Hydro-Surge® also enhances the effectiveness of coat and skin treatments.

We also use all natural Eco-Friendly grooming products in our salon to help put less carbon footprint on the environment.

About Clipping

All 4 Paws uses “The Clipper Vac System®” – the world’s quietest grooming equipment. This system gently lifts your pets coat while clipping, making it more even with one stroke. It sucks up and removes dust, dirt, dander, hair clippings and fleas. It keeps the clipper blade cool, cleans and sanitizes without using chemicals providing a virtually hair free salon.

All 4 Paws Mobile Spa, Ontario, Guelph
All 4 Paws Mobile Spa, Ontario, Guelph
Catering to small Dogs under 18 Kilos + 20" at the Shoulders

Serving within City Limits of Guelph​